Marcus Block

Marcus Block, a renowned performance coach and founder of Ambition, is a San Diego native with a lifelong passion for sports that burns brighter with each passing year. His dedication to athletic excellence was forged in his early years and only intensified during his five-year stint in the Marine Corps, where he developed exceptional leadership skills and discovered a gift for optimizing the physical performance of his fellow Marines.

A transformative moment led Marcus back to San Diego, where he embarked on a career in sports performance. He flourished in various gym settings, evolving into a distinguished coach who mastered the art of strength and conditioning, as well as customized program design. His expertise encompassed a broad spectrum, including muscle development, fat loss, athletic performance, strength enhancement, and speed optimization.

Marcus's vision for athlete empowerment led him to establish Ambition, a platform that has nurtured the growth of over 1,000 athletes and adults. His impact has resonated across the sports spectrum, with clients achieving success in the NFL, CFL, MLB, USA Rugby, and top Division 1 colleges. Ambition's influence now spans a diverse range of clubs and schools in San Diego, setting the stage for a broader impact that will extend far beyond the city's limits.


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Our principles

Maximize your athletic potential through specialized speed development and strength training programs.

Rehabilitation and Recovery

Injury Prevention

Performance Enhancement

Stay ahead of injuries with our comprehensive injury prevention strategies and personalized training programs.

Recover faster and prevent future injuries with our cutting-edge recovery sessions and therapy techniques.

What Parents are Saying

“Coach Marcus has been working with my son Sebastian for 4 years. Initially, my son was a single sport athlete (baseball) so the focus was mainly on improving speed and strength training along with injury prevention. Sebastian during his senior year decided to play football and run track. The work Sebastian had been performing with Coach Marcus paid off and transitioned well into these other sports. Coach Marcus is extremely knowledgeable but more importantly truly cares about the athletes he trains. He is great at connecting with athletes to understand their goals and to learn how to motivate the athlete to obtain those goals. I highly recommend Coach Marcus to anyone looking to improve their over all strength, agility, speed, explosiveness and build the supporting muscle structure for injury prevention."


"Marcus's youth training program is truly exceptional. My three children thoroughly enjoy their sessions with him. His expertise in speed training, weight training, and form correction has significantly benefited their athletic pursuits. The training has not only enhanced their performance but also boosted their confidence and motivation. I wholeheartedly endorse Ambition and Marcus to others seeking top-notch training for their kids."


"Leonardo admirably regained his speed and agility post-injury, culminating in dual championships during his senior year in both High School and Club rugby. Meanwhile, our 13-year-old, Sofia, remarkably elevated her speed by 3 MPH within four months, transitioning from a front row position to an impactful outside center in rugby. The pivotal role of speed manifested in the success of the Coronado High School Rugby Team, wherein MB's contributions prominently propelled the team to secure the 2023 High School Championship."


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